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Bryant Farms Development Proposal


We have created this document in order to make sure everyone is aware of the Proposed Bryant Farm Development. The new Subdivision would be located on the property situated between the existing Brookfield Subdivision and the proposed Eastwood Village Commercial property at the intersection of Shelbyville road and Flat Rock Roads.

There was an initial neighborhood meeting on 7/10/17. It appears that due to limited notification of the meeting, most surrounding subdivisions had little to no representation to voice their deep concerns about the proposal.

Through this communication, we are attempting to bring everyone up to speed on what we believe was discussed. There is going to be another Neighborhood Meeting on Sat 8/12/17 at the Eastwood Firehouse from 11:00AM until noon. The EVC has requested a change in venue to better accommodate the turnout, and that will be communicated should it happen. We are hoping for strong participation of all area homeowners as well as representatives of all the local subdivisions.

Ball homes, the developer represented by Bardenwerper,  Talbert and Roberts, PLLC, has proposed to build a subdivision on the North Side of Shelbyville Road, on the current Bryant Farms property located between and adjoining Brookfield Subdivision and the currently vacant property planned for the Eastwood Village Commercial Center. The area is comprised of about 31 acres.

The proposal requests a zone change from R-4 to R-5 on 30.78 acres, (total site) and a Form District change from Neighborhood to Village Form District on 3.42 acres (a portion of site) to allow for 105 buildable lots.

We believe the Docket for this proposal is 17zone1032.

The proposal includes re-zoning the property to R5 versus the current R4 which is the predominant residential zoning code throughout Eastwood. Based on the most recent information available, (Cornerstone 2020 document, reference page attached, and the Eastwood Village Plan from 2005), Eastwood contains 87.5% property zoned R4 and that small pockets were zoned R5, accounting for 5.2%, which were most likely grand-fathered. At the Neighborhood meeting, we were told that the current R5 zoning proposal would allow for lot sizes of 6,000 sq ft, compared to the existing adjoining Brookfield Subdivision which we believe has 9,000 Sq Ft lot minimums. The proposed R5 zoning, according to the developers would also allow for reduced lot widths from 60ft to 55ft.

Included in this document are the relevant pages of the LDC,( Land Development Code), published  April 2016 pages, section 2.2-9 and 2.2-10.

Also included are the Eastwood Village Form District boundaries and Eastwood zoning as of the Eastwood Neighborhood Plan from 2005, along with the specific page referencing Land Use and Density / Zoning.

We strongly disapprove of the current R-4 to R-5 rezoning proposal and increased density.

We would urge everyone to read the Cornerstone 2020 document at


Shelbyville Road Facing:
Reference the provided Plats. The Bryant Farm Development initial Proposal included plans for 7 lots to be located directly on Shelbyville Road. The newest Proposal now calls for 9 lots to be located there. These lots are currently planned to be rear facing, such that the backs of the homes will face directly towards Shelbyville Road. In addition to the 55’ wide lots they are requesting as part of the zoning  change, they are also seeking a waiver to reduce the pkwy setback on Lots 1 and 2 from 75’ to 50’. There were concerns brought up about rear facing homes, questions about construction materials of those homes facing Shelbyville road and small narrow lots proposed there.

By simply driving and looking at the current Subdivisions along the Shelbyville Road corridor, we can see the level of attention that was paid to maintaining an architectural and appealing presentation from Shelbyville Road. This includes the use of berms, large mature tree formations, brick and stone entrances, etc. Large setbacks from Shelbyville Road were maintained, typically exceeding minimums.

The entire premise of the Eastwood Village Form concept was to create and maintain standards that provided connectivity to adjacent locations such as sidewalks and provided for front facing structures in order to promote the Village feel and appeal.

There is a strong feeling that the proposed small 9 lots, with rear facings to Shelbyville Road are counter to everything envisioned by Cornerstone 2020, and not in the spirit of the Eastwood Village Form District Plan. Any new development plans should be consistent with the envisioned connectivity between the Gardiner Park Commercial District and Brookfield to include sidewalks, green spaces, trees, etc and allow for a walkable environment and appropriate setbacks from Shelbyville road ensuring esthetics and safety.

Transportation Concerns:
Currently, there are proposals and current plans for 320+ units on Johnson Road, 55 homes in Miramont  Long Run Road in Phase 2, 50 homes in Brookfield and 50 more in Glen Lakes. There have not been any additional infrastructure changes made to Shelbyville Road to accommodate the growth in the area. The Bryant Farm Development Proposal would add 105 additional units in what is already a constrained transportation corridor, as anyone who travels Shelbyville Road knows. The intersection at Johnson Road and Shelbyville Road is already a known point of congestion that has recently involved a fatality. Any additional development, without upgrading the supporting transportation infrastructure, is unacceptable. Road widening with turn lanes and additional traffic stop lights are needed. Depending upon the time of day, it is already nearly impossible to leave Chestnut Glen and Ashmoor Woods subdivisions without risk.

There currently are no devices to slow / halt traffic from Beckley Station to Flat Rock Road traveling east, and nothing slowing traffic traveling west from Simpsonville to Flat Rock Road. This turns Shelbyville Road into a virtual highway with no acceleration lanes to get into traffic.

Numerous local residents have requested that a new traffic study be conducted in this corridor so that the new traffic volume is addressed before it endangers the lives of both residents and those passing through.


Ingress/ Egress:
Currently, the proposed Ingress / Egress to the new subdivision would be via the Brookfield Subdivision entrance off Shelbyville Road with additional ingress / egress requiring travel through the Brookfield Subdivision.

Note the Bryant Farm entrance is within 10 ft of the end of the Brookfield Monument which has the potential for numerous accidents with residents entering the Brookfield and other trying to exit Bryant Farm.

Other Items / Issues:

      • Sewers
      • Drainage
      • Tree Canopy / Green Space
      • Education / Current School Facilities are at capacity
      • Direct Impact on Brookfield homeowners adjoining properties
      • Direct Impact on Gardiner Park homeowners adjoining properties
      • Effect on future Eastwood Village Commercial Development options
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